Why Hire A Summer Tutor for Your Student?

Summer is here, and students have lots of free time on their hands. As a parent one wonders how to make the best use of the summer break. There are many reasons that hiring a tutor over the summer may be beneficial to your student:

1. Students fall out of the school mode during the summer, and may lose skills and knowledge they’ve gained the previous year.

As with any skill, study skills are use it or lose it. A tutor can help your student stay motivated to keep up good organizational and study habits during the long break.

2. He or she struggled with a subject last year, and wants to move forward with a firm foundation.

Many subjects in school rely on a cumulative understanding of all the previous years’ knowledge to move forward. By hiring a tutor over the summer to strengthen your student’s skills in Algebra I, for example, you are helping your student start Algebra II or Geometry on the right foot.

3. A tutor can really help your student’s confidence and self esteem.

Performing poorly in school really affects a student’s experience. As adults most of us can look back and remember a specific teacher who made us realize we were capable of far more than we thought we were. For me it was my fifth grade teacher Mr. Shapani, who made me believe I was good in math. A good tutor will help your student to master both his schoolwork and his attitude about what he is capable of, and the benefits of this will extend into other areas of his life.

4. Finding a good tutor over the summer can be of great benefit if the need arises during the school year.

Summer is a great opportunity to find a tutor that is a good match for your student so that when difficulties arise during the year you don’t have to scramble to find someone your student trusts.

5. A good student-tutor relationship is also a mentoring opportunity.

A tutor can serve as a good role model for your student, especially in the absence of older siblings or other role models. In my experiences with students I’ve had several who were interested in the military academies or the Peace Corps, and I like to think that sharing my experiences motivates my students to excel in their studies. I firmly believe that mentors are essential for personal growth and can make a huge difference in the life of a student.

6. Hiring a tutor can sidestep the parent-child dynamic that makes it difficult to academically motivate your student.

By the time they are teenagers, most students are resistant to their parents’ advice about what they should do and are sometimes more likely to respond to the discipline of an outsider. An experienced tutor knows how to draw boundaries and set expectations that put the responsibility for learning on the student’s shoulders.

7. Finally, hiring a tutor can be a signal to your student that he or she is a priority.

Seeking help for your student shows him that he is important and his learning is a priority. Many students come to enjoy tutoring sessions because of the one on one attention, encouragement, and progress.

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