Why do I need a tutor?

Why are parents seeking tutors to help their children more and more often?  There are many reasons for the increased need for a tutor’s help.  As parents who want their students to be well prepared in a competitive world, you are probably all too aware of the following:

1.  The No Child Left Behind Act. Because of this act, standardized testing in schools is the new measure of success.  Many teachers are being forced to teach to the tests.  This is robbing teachers of the time necessary to focus on their own curricula.

2.  A struggling economy and less funding for education. Less funding means less rooms in the budget for programs that cater to struggling or special needs students.

3.  Busier parents. With both parents working, parents have less time to help with homework.

4.  AP Courses. As college admissions become more competitive, many students are electing to take AP courses.  Students often need tutors to succeed in these more difficult courses.

5.  Competitive college admissions. Standards are rising as the pool of applicants becomes larger.

6.  Larger class sizes. With more students, teachers can’t afford to cater to high achievers or to those who are struggling, and instead must teach to the middle level students.  Both ends of the spectrum suffer as a result.

7.  Learning disabilities. The number of learning disabled students is on the rise.

For all of the above reasons, tutors are more necessary today than they’ve been before.  A competent tutor can make a big difference in your students’ academic achievement, and as importantly, confidence.  Contact us at Wellington Tutoring with any questions or to set up an appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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