What does it take to be an effective educator in the 21st century?

The world of education is changing at an unprecedented rate, with new technologies constantly making appearances, the US falling behind other nations in math and science, and the struggling economy making viable careers more scarce than ever.  In such a challenging climate, what are the characteristics that make for an effective educator?  According to a recent eschoolnews article by Meris Stansbury, the following traits are pivotal.  A good teacher must:

1.  Anticipate the future.

A good educator must be able to see the big picture in order to guide students in a direction that will make good career sense.  He or she must be abreast of trends in business and industry so as to be able to advise students on smart study options, and must also be aware, creative, and proactive enough to ensure that minority and disadvantaged groups are well positioned to compete with their peers.

2.  Be a lifelong learner.

A good educator will be willing to constantly learn, not just from his or her peers but also from students.  Our world is exploding with new technology – much of which students are more adept at using than their teachers are.  Teachers must be willing to learn from their students and to adapt these technologies for use in the classroom.

3.  Foster peer relationships.

An increasingly technological world can have isolating effects on people.  Teachers must encourage interpersonal relationships among their students so that students are equppied with the communication skills they’ll need to thrive.

Too many people mistakenly believe that a teacher’s job is simple and stress free.  However, the list of qualifications a good teacher must have continues to grow.

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