Using the Summer to Prepare for Next Year’s Algebra, Geometry and SAT

One of the most common requests I’m getting from parents now that the 2009-2010 academic year is coming to a close is this: “Can you help my student prepare for his algebra or geometry class next year?”

More and more, parents are realizing that they’ve got to use students’ holiday breaks wisely to give their students an advantage in an increasingly competitive academic environment.

Many of my algebra and geometry students attend Palm Beach Central, and have found that they’ve really needed a tutor to supplement what they are learning in the classroom.  Public school teachers are under intense pressure due to time constraints and larger class sizes, and simply can’t always give students what they need.

The summer can absolutely serve as the perfect opportunity to brush up on old skills and to begin to build new skills.  Because math is such a cumulative subject, a student must be confident in old material before moving on to new.

So what can you do?

1.  Get algebra and geometry workbooks from a teacher supply store or online, and have your student work from them daily.

There are a variety of great resources available to help your student review.

2.  Help your student set up a study schedule with measurable goals and reward his progress.

It’s far too easy during the summer to get out of good study habits.  Have your student help to create a study schedule and reward him for sticking to it.  The library has study rooms if the home is too distracting.

3.  If necessary, contact a tutor who can help your student with any concepts that he isn’t able to grasp on his own.

Math is sometimes a difficult subject to learn just by reading.  Having a tutor explain and demonstrate can make a big difference in your student’s progress.

4.  Remember that algebra and geometry are key SAT and ACT concepts.

Your student is simultaneously preparing for the SAT or ACT while reviewing algebra and geometry.

Use the next couple of months to give your student the academic advantage necessary to make next year’s math classes manageable.

Please feel free to contact Wellington Tutoring with any questions you may have!

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