SAT Prep for High Scorers

Why Do High Scorers Need Special Attention?

One of the major problems with SAT prep classes is that the teachers must teach to the middle of the class.  Prior to branching off and starting Wellington Tutoring, I taught through a tutoring company and noticed that the high-scorers, students whose starting scores are in the high 500’s or 600’s, benefit little from the classroom setting.

In a classroom, too much time is spent covering the basics.  High scorers are already comfortable with the basics and need to be challenged with more difficult material.  They need to practice the most difficult of questions that they might see on the SAT, not the questions that are of medium difficulty.

How Does Wellington Tutoring Do It Differently?

In my work with high scoring students, I’ve found resources to supplement the standard test prep materials.  To learn and grow these excellent students must be provided a higher level of instruction and better resources.  For this reason  I offer classes for high scorers.  I’ve also found that students learn more with more individualized instruction.  Therefore no more than 4 students are accepted per class.

Contact us today with any questions about our program for high achievers, or to sign your  student up for our upcoming class!

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