College Application Essay

The Importance of the Essay in the College Application Process Cannot Be Overstated

Essays are one of your student’s best ways of distinguishing himself from the thousands of other college applicants each admissions office is going to review.  They offer a glimpse into your student’s thoughts and philosophies on life and learning.  Take it from me – the essay can make or break your student’s acceptance to the school of his choice.

I am convinced that what got me into the Air Force Academy in 2000 was not that I was necessarily the most qualified applicant as numbers were concerned, but that I wrote a convincing essay about my motivations for joining the US Air Force. How well your student can articulate his vision for his life – and how that vision fits the university’s vision of it’s alumni- is a key part of an unbeatable application.

Get Your Student Help From a Perfect Scorer on both the SAT I and SAT II Subject Test Writing

My scores on the Writing portion of the SAT I and the SAT II Subject Test in Writing have been perfect 800’s each time I’ve taken them.  When it comes to writing, I know what your student needs to do in order to put together a coherent and poignant statement that will make the admissions staff pay attention.   Given the increasingly fierce competition students are up against these days, any opportunity to make a unique impression must be seized.

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