The School Year’s Begun : Make Sure Your Student Stays on Track

Now that the academic year is underway, what can you do to ensure that your student is on the path to academic success?

1.  Be Involved.

As a tutor, I’ve found that the most successful students have parents who identify problems early. Asking to see early tests, quizzes and homework assignments at this stage can help you to identify problems before they become bigger.

2.  Communicate with your student’s teachers.

In the case that your student is struggling in a particular subject, good communication with his teacher can help you to set up a plan to remedy the situation.  The teacher will have the best input into exactly what must be done to improve your student’s grade.

3.  Don’t wait – seek help!

Most subjects, and especially math like algebra and geometry, are cumulative.  Each new skill builds on earlier skills.  I’ve had many students who are having problems in high school because they lack early foundational skills like multiplying fractions or adding like terms.

4.  Keep in mind that any effort your student invests in his classes will also help with the SAT or ACT.

As comprehensive tests of what your student knows, the SAT and ACT can be effectively prepared for both by focusing on classes and using SAT or ACT specific prep materials.  The better your student’s mastery of that geometry class, the less he will have to focus on geometry when the time comes to prepare for college admissions tests.

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