The SAT is approaching fast – and Wellington Tutoring gets results.

With the first SAT of Fall 2009 approaching, it’s time for high school juniors and seniors to start studying. 


There are many tutoring services out there that will provide you with a quality experience, but Wellington Tutoring is unique in the quality you get for the price you pay.


Both current Wellington Tutoring SAT instructors are U.S. Service Academy graduates with a commitment to high personal and professional standards.  But more importantly, we get results.


In fact, one of our most recent SAT class ‘graduates’ improved his already high SAT score nearly 300 points.  This improvement is twice what the big name tutoring companies say to aim for in their classes.


How do we do it?


It’s simple.  We keep our class sizes small. 


Envision an SAT class with 10 students of varying abilities.  While the instructor answers the questions from students in the 400-500 range (each section is out of a total possible 800 points), the students in the 600-700 and 700-800 range, who already understand these problems, twiddle their thumbs and wait for their turn.


While the instructor answers the questions from students in the 600-700 range, the students in the 400-500 range complain the instructor is going too fast, while the students in the 700-800 range twiddle their thumbs. 


So while many tutoring companies advertise 24 hours of instruction per SAT class, much of that time is spent catering to the different needs of other students. 


I’ve seen it happen time and time again as class sizes get too large for one SAT instructor to adequately individually address each student.


By refusing to take on more than 5 students at a time, we insist on giving your student the attention he or she needs to improve – significantly. 

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  1. gayoung

    August 28th, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    my name is kim and I would like to start a SAT prep class immediately.
    please contact me back as soon as you get this at 561-792-2824.

  2. Tutoring

    September 6th, 2009 at 2:17 am

    Very informative blog. Good Work SAT. Hope you guys will reach the top in tutoring.

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