The Educational Value of Games: A 13-Year-Old’s View

In this inspiring TED talk by an articulate 13 year old home schooled gamer, the advantages of games to the learning process are touted.  Lewis Tachau argues that his Tanks game has increased his understanding and awareness of World War II battle tactics, as well as conferring a myriad of other benefits one would never anticipate.  Give this video a few minutes of your time – you won’t be sorry!  Read below for an excerpt of the short article on accompanying the video.

Lewis Tachau is a 13-year-old middle school student and avid online gamer. In this enjoyable TEDx Talk, Lewis talks about how his favorite online game taught him not just everything he knows about World War II, but also how to socialize with his peers, and share his interests, knowledge, skills, and thoughts with others, and how that builds upon each others’ work.

“All in all this makes for a great educational experience, offering me a feeling of community, opportunity for co-regulation and training in self-regulation — a well-rounded education, if you ask me,” he says.

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