The Best Education Apps for Iphones & Ipads…continued

Last week I posted five essential education apps for your student’s smart device. Here are a few more that top Jenna Zwang’s list:

6.  P183 Graphing Calculator

For: Math Classes
What it Does: Everything a TI-83 Calculator does, much cheaper!
Cost: $0.99

7.  Star Walk

For: Astronomy Classes
What it Does: When held up to the night sky, it shows constellations,
planets and other items of interest in that region of the sky.
Cost: $2.99

8.  Cram

For: All Classes
What it Does: Allows students & teachers to create flashcards and tests and to share with others.
Cost: $3.99

9.  Essay Grader

For: Teachers grading essays.
What it Does:  Allows teachers to grade essays using a bank of comments so
as to avoid handwriting the same comments over & over.  The
gradesheet can then be emailed to the student.
Cost: $5.99

10.  eclicker

For: Teachers looking for feedback on student comprehension
What it Does: Students can submit answers to teacher’s questions via their
Iphones; the app compiles the answers showing which subject areas need
more attention
Cost: $9.99.

Teachers and students alike are quickly catching on to the ways in which technology can make their lives easier and better.  Today’s students are already glued to their Iphones.  Maybe we should take advantage of this trend to help our students learn!



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