Sylvie, Mother of Chris, Junior, Wellington High School – SAT Prep

“Many thanks to Kristen, at Wellington Tutoring, for her S.A.T. preparatory work with our son.  She was professional, a pleasure to work with, and showed a remarkable ability to assess our son’s learning style and the subject areas that needed the most focus.  As a result, our son’s S.A.T. score increased by 250 points.  We are very happy to recommend Kristen!”

Giovanna Aneiro, Mother of Vanessa, 9th Grade at Palm Beach Central – Geometry and Earth Science

“Kristen Seery has been an angel.  She has helped my daughter, Vanessa, raise her grades tremendously in geometry and science. She has a special bond with her students and my daughter looks forward to tutoring with Kristen every week.  I believe that getting along with the person who is educating you makes a huge impact. Thank you so much Kristen for your hard work and for your caring manner. I would highly recommend Kristen Seery to everyone.”

Tim, Father of Tyler – 12th Grade, Wellington High School

“Tutoring for College Algebra of my 17 year old son.  My son came away with confidence in his ability, and a full understanding of the material.  Fantastic.  Right on time, got right down to work with full coverage of the topics and problem solving.  Son came away confident. “

Lori, Mother of Noah & Lucky, Brother and Sister, Math

“Both my children needed help in math, one is in middle school and one is in high school. Wellington tutors were very professional and helped my children understand things that were not clear from their teachers at school.  The tutors were excellent. They were young, professional and great teachers!”

Jodi – 12th Grade, Palm Beach Central

“Helps me have a better understanding on what I am learning. I would recommend to all. My experiences are always good!!! I go into the tutoring session with no knowledge on what I have been taught in class and after the tutoring session I have a clear and concise overview on what i am learning. I passed many tests and exams with A’s thanks to the tutoring help.”

Ana, Mother of Damian – Now Freshman at FIU

“My son received tutoring to help him with his Trigonometry class and ACT test. I was very satisfied with the results.  We saw a definite improvement in my son’s grades and score. It was definitely money well spent.”

 Laurie, Mother of Robert and Dana

Educational tutoring on a high school level.  Trouble areas in math were addressed and positive reinforcement was the key to success.  My son had been tutored by several professional tutors but he never had the confidence that he needed to succeed.  We heard about Kristen’s services from my son’s classmate who was also struggling in math and decided to retain her services.  From my initial conversation with Kristen, I immediately took a liking to her. She was professional and personable. She was very receptive to help my son succeed. Kristen was most accommodating when scheduling sessions. My son immediately connected with her and truly felt a sense of confidence after his tutoring session. Kristen is likable and personable. My son’s grades greatly improved and he felt a sense of accomplishment.  He looked forward to his tutoring sessions because he knew he would have a good sense of understanding his school work after being tutored by Kristen.  My daughter, who was a senior in high school, also was tutored by Kristen for “fine tuning” before an exam.   She was always amazed with Kristen’s ability to simplify the lesson.  My son’s grades improved significantly.  Kristin was a positive reinforcement and truly took an interest in my kids’ success.  I was happy to refer her to other students.

Louise, Mother of Sam and Melissa, Math

My daughter was tutored for the past 2 years by this company.  She had been performing very poorly in math and this has been the answer.  Her experience and progress have been remarkable!  I highly recommend this company!  My daughter has been struggling in math since middle school, and as she started high school, it became clear she needed help.  This company was referred to me by a coworker who had used the service, and had good results.  I made the call and it was the best thing to happen to my daughter.  


Kristen of Wellington Tutoring and Algebra Student

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