TEDEducation – New YouTube Channel Brings Together Top Educators & Animators With Stunning Results

What is TEDEd?

Many people are familiar with the annual TED conference, whose speakers are among the most groundbreaking and inspirational in the world.

Recently TED announced a new initiative aimed at bringing together top educators and animators from around the globe to record 10 minute lessons that will be available to all on YouTube.  Educators can choose relevant clips and show them in class or assign them for homework.

 What’s on TEDEd?

TEDEd is in its infancy.  As of this post, there are only 12 lessons on TEDEducation’s YouTube channel.  Their subjects range from sea exploration – using images of fantastic sea creatures discovered at unfathomable depths – to electrical communication between brain cells – using an anesthetized cockroach’s amputated limb.  The videos immediately grab, fascinate, and inspire you – and for most students, this is just what is needed to ignite a lifelong love for learning.

Why Use TEDEd?

The question I’m most commonly asked by my students is this:  “Why do I need to know this?”  To this question I rarely have a good answer.  But these videos, with their real life demonstrations, provide the answer – and therefore the motivation – that students need to work hard in school.

If you’re an educator or a parent, do yourself a favor and check out these videos.  But beware – I’ve watched two videos, and am now considering two new careers – one in marine biology, the other in neuroscience.

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