Taking Advantage of the Summer to Prepare For the SAT

For most students a summer SAT prep program is the best option. 

School year academic and extracurricular demands, especially for students in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes, can make any extra work during the school year hard to handle.   Achieving the score your students wants on the SAT takes a significant amount of daily study, and the summer affords the perfect opportunity to do this. 

We recommend that your upcoming junior or senior register ASAP for the October SAT at www.collegeboard.org.  He or she should plan to take it more than once.  Enrolling your student in an intensive 2 week SAT course will provide the materials and skills needed to dramatically improve scores.  Continuing your student’s prep with once weekly one-on-one tutoring will allow him or her to get the specific help needed as he or she continues to practice independently. 

The fact is that the SAT is not a test of innate intelligence, but rather is a skill set that can be learned.  Taking the test cold can be compared to taking an algebra exam having never gone to algebra class. 

Increased competition for college admissions necessitates planning and preparation, so whether you choose Wellington Tutoring or another prep option, make sure to give your student the competitive advantage by making good use of the summer break!

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