Students Have Mixed Reaction to Healthier School Lunch

Recently I’ve posted about the disturbing effects of obesity on the brains and learning capacity of children.  In an effort to scale back the mounting obesity statistics in the U.S., legislators have imposed new guidelines on the content of school lunches.  New laws limit calories, saturated fat, and trans fats in kids’ menus.  As any parent might imagine, the new fruit, vegetable, and whole grain heavy lunches aren’t too popular with those they are meant to help.  Read on for more from Red Orbit’s Education site. 

Students Have Mixed Reaction To Healthier School Lunches (via redOrbit)

Video: Children Need Healthy School Lunches redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online New USDA guidelines passed earlier this year may have been designed to ensure that students get healthier school lunches, but they’re reportedly receiving mixed grades from students who aren’t always…

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