Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, and FCAT)- The New Measures of Your Student’s Success

Standardized Testing is becoming an increasingly important part of your student’s academic record. 


FCAT  test results are a standard with which your student’s academic performance is compared with other student’s performance in Florida and across the nation.  FCAT testing begins in Grade 3 and continues through Grade 10.  FCAT specific tutoring is a great way to help your student realize his or her full potential when the school curriculum simply isn’t enough. 


The SAT and ACT are vitally important standardized measures of your student’s academic potential, as well as one of the key factors influencing your student’s admission into college.  Far from being a measure of a student’s innate intelligence, the SAT is actually a test of your student’s reasoning abilities and very specific subject matter.  Strategy coaching and review in one-on-one tutoring or small class workshops will help your student to learn the most effective approach to the SAT and ACT.  More and more students are preparing for the test, so maximize your student’s chances of a competitive score with quality tutoring. 

Our tutors are highly competent, trained SAT and ACT tutors who regularly score in the top 5% percentile of these tests.   

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