School Board Vs. Parents, Teachers and Students – Round Two

The School Board met Tuesday, 17 November 2009, to hear the second round of complaints by teachers, parents, and students concerning the new curriculum framework and embedded assessments instituted by Jeffrey Hernandez earlier this year.  Crowd Protest Nov 2009

This time, comments focused not only on the lack of prior research on the effectiveness of the new approach and the stress it it causing teachers, parents, and students alike, but also on the following issues:

1.  The alleged misappropriation of $28 million dollars by the School Board. 

2.  The attempt to use race as a divisive issue to turn the protesters against each other.

3. The attempt by the School Board to make it appear as if the Board had made a concession by granting principals the authority to decide if they wanted their schools to participate in the FCAT preparatory program.  The reality, protesters pointed out, is that principals are too afraid of the repurcussions should they choose not to comply with the new regulations.

The Board got a chance to respond to the speakers as the meeting ended near midnight, after nearly 6 hours of 3 minute speeches by impassioned objectors to Hernandez’s plan. 

Frank Barbieri, addressing Superintendent Art Johnson,  noted that the problem could be solved by making “one personnel change” – ousting Jeffrey Hernandez. 

To see the Palm Beach Post’s report of the story, click here. 

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