Reading Ability Can Be Measured Through Brain Scans

An interesting new study out of Stanford shows that the reading ability of children can be predicted by brain scans of their white matter early in life.  Children with good reading comprehension skills show low levels of particular nerve bundles early in life, which then increase later.  Children with poor reading comprehension, on the other hand, show high levels of these nerve bundles early and decreasing levels as time goes on.  Researchers are confident that given this new tool to help predict a child’s future reading comprehension ability, we can interevene and correct the problem earlier.  Read on for the full story.

Reading Ability Can Be Measured Through Brain Scans (via redOrbit)

April Flowers for – Your Universe Online It is already known that if a 7-year-old is easily reading the “Harry Potter” books, he or she will be a strong reader later in life. It is also a given that if a 7-year-old is struggling with “The Cat in the Hat,” that child will mostly…

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