Online Learning Giant K12 Faces a Major Lawsuit – Investors Allege that Bottom Line is More Important than Student Success

More and more students are turning to online classes and home school in lieu of traditional schooling, and the online learning industry is exploding as a result.  Much profit stands to be made by investors in such businesses.

However, as parents and teachers with high stakes in our students’ academic success, we have to wonder – how effective are these online learning companies compared to traditional school?  For the amount of money parents are shelling out to the providers of such services, we deserve to know if they are getting the job done.

It is exactly this issue that is at the heart of a major lawsuit against online learning giant K12.  K12 faces allegations that it is dropping standards for students and falsely advertising success rates with one goal in mind – a larger profit.  By advertising itself as more effective than it actually is, investors allege, it’s recruiting students under false pretenses.

K12 intends to “vigorously defend itself”, and I, for one, eagerly await the outcome to the question – is our faith in the integrity of online learning companies misplaced?

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