Making the Most of the April 14th SAT

As most parents are now aware, students are being given the SAT during school hours on April 14, 2010.  How can your student make the most of this opportunity?

1.  Students at many schools were given a copy of the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide. Encourage your students to take a look at the practice tests contained in the latter half on the book.  These tests are identical in structure and similar in content to what will be on the actual SAT.

2.  Have your student get familiar with the time limits for each section. If possible, have your student take one of the eight practice tests.  Set up a timer and have your student adhere to the time limits.

3.  Have your student grade the test, following the directions in the book. S/he will notice that some questions are more problematic than others and your student should focus on reviewing the material that is most challenging for him/her.

4.  Make sure your student knows the rules for guessing. The SAT penalizes incorrect answers, so unlike on other tests your student has taken, guessing is not encouraged for all questions.  Omitting is better.

5.  Try to see the April 14th test scores as your student’s starting point. Many effective students take the test more than once, using the scores from the first test to help them prepare for the next one.

6.  Consider a private tutor or SAT class following the April 14th test to prepare for the June 5, 2010 exam.

Best of luck on the upcoming test and feel free to contact Wellington Tutoring with any questions about your student’s test prep needs!

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