Listen Up Professors – Twitter In The Classroom Could Help Make For Better Students

When Twitter made its debut, critics touted it as a narcissistic forum that would likely amount to nothing.  Much to these critics’ dismay, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites in existence, and researchers are now saying that Twitter in the classroom can even improve student performance.  Although they aren’t sure how this happens, researchers theorize that the 140 character limit on Tweets forces student to concisely express their ideas.  Twitter also gives students an avenue through which they can contact the authors of research they are studying.  Read on for the full study from Red Orbit. 

Listen Up Professors – Twitter In The Classroom Could Help Make For Better Students (via redOrbit)

Michael Harper for – Your Universe Online Many inventions, products and services are seen as frivolous, pointless or even worthless when in their infancy. Apple’s Macs were first seen as “toys,” not capable of performing any real work. Many assumed the Internet would never catch…

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