Gearing Up For the New Semester

As Holiday break continues, the last thing most students want to think about is the start of the New Year and the new academic semester.

However, the third nine weeks offers a good opportunity for your student to start with a clean slate, and to either build on the success of the first semester or use it as a learning opportunity for what to do better this nine weeks.

At this point students have a good idea of which subjects areas are strengths and which are going to require more of an investment of time and energy.

What do we suggest at Wellington Tutoring?

1. Address the difficulties encountered during the first semester right away.

Because most subjects require a cumulative understanding and build on a knowledge base gained in the first semester, it’s very important that your student address any problems he had during the first half on the year. He can approach his teacher for help, ask help of friends who may have done better in class, or work with a tutor to overcome these challenges. This will let him start a new semester with confidence.

2. Once your student receives a syllabus from each of her teachers, have her mark test and other due dates on a calendar or planner.

Doing so will help your student to budget her time and to anticipate and plan for busy days or weeks.

3. Prepare a rough study plan for the new semester.

One of the keys to success is having a detailed plan with measurable and quantifiable goals. If your student can plan to set aside a certain block of time daily for homework and studying, this will prevent procrastination and cram sessions which are not conducive to quality work or good test grades!

4. Prioritize important and heavily weighted assignments over less heavily weighted tasks.

Make sure your student understands that his time is better spent on a paper worth 100 points than bookwork worth 10 points. With all the academic and extracurricular demands that today’s students face, it’s important that students learn to prioritize that which will make a big difference in their grades over that which will not.

Happy Holidays – and we wish you a very successful and happy New Year and new semester!  Please feel free to contact Wellington Tutoring with any questions or to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

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