Choosing the BEST SAT and ACT Prep Resources for Your Student

If you are like most parents these days, you’ve likely thought about hiring a tutor to help your student prepare for the SAT or ACT. You’ve probably also searched for the best books to help your student prepare independently.

If my experience as a tutor, I’ve seen that the resources that you choose have a big impact on the success of your student’s efforts. So consider using the following to help your student prepare herself for the SAT or ACT:


Grammar Smart by The Princeton Review

Although this book was not made with the SAT or ACT in mind, I find that it is more thorough than other books. It has hundreds of practice questions. I use it for all my SAT and ACT students.

Up Your Score

This book has an excellent list on page 249 of the 13 most common writing errors on the SAT. The list alone justifies the $10 or so that you’ll spend on the book, but the rest is great as well.


Acing the SAT Math I

This book is perfect for both the SAT and ACT (the tests are very similar, but the ACT has some trig). It highlights the most important concepts, gives examples, and has practice questions as similar as any I’ve seen to the questions on the actual test.

Math 800

For students who are already scoring in the high 600’s or 700’s, I use selected parts of Math 800. Its practice problems are all of the highest difficulty level you student will see on the test.

Practice Tests

The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide

Hands down, this is the best book of practice tests out there. It is made by the makers of the SAT.

The Real ACT Prep Guide

This is the best book of practice ACT tests I’ve seen.

With the above resources, your student is on the right path to a high score on the SAT or ACT. Call 561 247 2810 with any questions or to schedule an appointment today!

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