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Make it Stick! How to remember anything

A few years ago, in an attempt to manage the volume of information I was expected to learn as a medical student, I read the book “Make it Stick”.  This book details the new science around how we convert short term memory to long term memory, and how to make studying super efficient.  It teaches you to cut down on the number of hours you’re studying while remembering more, scoring higher, and feeling more confident!  Check out this blog post from for more information.  As the perfect season for SAT preparation approaches, make it a point to incorporate these habits into your daily study techniques for optimum performance.  Happy studying!

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School Board Squanders Taxpayer Resources?

The School Board of Palm Beach County has decided to pay the registration fees for 12th graders taking the December SAT. 

Do you think every senior needs to take the SAT and attend college?

Can some students learn a trade and start a business, or work for a family business, without attending college right away?

Even though we are in the business of preparing students for the SAT, do you agree with the district’s decision to pay registration fees? 

Let us know what you think.

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