Brushing Up on Math Over the Summer

The school year has long since ended and most students couldn’t be happier to be out of academic mode.

But unfortunately for students (and very fortunately for their parents) August is just around the corner, and with August comes the beginning of a new academic year.

Many students are using the summer to get a jump start on classes they are scheduled to take next year. One very proactive Wellington father – a police officer – called me at the beginning of the summer concerned about his son’s upcoming pre-calculus/trigonometry class.

“Justin has always been a good math student, but this past year he didn’t have a good teacher and couldn’t make an A. I’m concerned that he doesn’t have all the knowledge he will need to do well in his honors math class next year.”

Of additional concern was his son’s demanding schedule – as a football player and honor roll student with high expectations of himself, Justin’s father was concerned there simply wouldn’t be time to address any gaps in Justin’s knowledge once the year begins.

He started Justin on weekly tutoring sessions aimed at familiarizing him with trig fundamentals, giving him the head start he needs to make next year’s class less intimidating.

At the halfway point in summer break, now is a good time to look ahead to your student’s upcoming academic load and see if there’s anything that can be done now to lighten it. Self-study materials are available at bookstores and online for any subject, and youtube is a great source for tutorials for the proactive student.

Make good use of the down time during the summer and your student will greatly benefit! Please feel free to call Wellington Tutoring at (561) 247 2810 with questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!


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