Brain Works More Vigorously for Anxious Girls

Yesterday I posted about math anxiety, a phenomenon I’ve observed in tutoring female math students.  Although these girls do well working math problems during our sessions, they go on to fail tests.  They report that this is due to overwhelming anxiety that causes them to forget what to do. 

This article examines the brain responses of anxious girls, and reports that their brains work extra hard with worrisome thoughts.  Therefore they tend to perform more poorly in stressful situations such as academic testing.  Read on for the full story. 


Brain Works More Vigorously For Anxious Girls (via redOrbit)

Connie K. Ho for Nail biting. Knuckle cracking. These are just a few of the physical traits of nervousness. With these thoughts in mind, Michigan State University researchers recently discovered that the brains of anxious girls work more vigorously than those of boys. Scientists hope that…

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