Best IPad Apps For Elementary School Students – Check These Out!

Kids these days love gadgets.  Especially Apple gadgets, like Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods.  Many schools have caught on in a big way – harnessing students’ fascination with all things technological and turning it into better school performance.  The following apps are among the best for students in grades K-5.  By using these and making academics more like the games that students already love, we can really improve students’ chances of enjoying – and therefore retaining-vital academic skills.

1)  Word Bingo

A great new app that helps youngsters with sight recognition and spelling of more than 300 words. The app reads a word aloud, and students then tap that word on the screen.  Students are rewarded with a cute bug when they win “Bingo”.

2) Rocket Math

A fun app that challenges students to do elementary math problems of all sorts, and rewards them for correct answers with points that they can use to buy rocket parts – apparently very motivating for young boys.

3) Shake A Phrase

A fantastic app that asks students to identify figures of speech in the context of a sentence.  It also provides students with word definitions when they touch unknown words, and it’s Story Starter feature encourages creative writing.

4) Splash Math Summer Math Notebook

A comprehensive math app that encourages students to retain their math knowledge over the long summer break.  Easily customizable, this app quizzes students on math facts, fractions, money, time, and more.  It keeps a record of a student’s progress and can accommodate multiple users on one account.

As a tutor, I know that sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to motivate a student to do school work.  Oftentimes students are bored or discouraged by academics.  But with apps like these, students are tricked into having fun while simultaneously solidifying key academic skills which will pay huge dividends in the future.  Whether you are parents or teachers, don’t delay – set your students up for success by integrating technology into their educations.  For the full story and the source of this information, see edutopia’s website here.


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