Best Education Apps for iOS, iPhones & iPads

There is little doubt that our lives are becoming more and more technology dependent.  As the popularity of smart phones, Ipads, Kindles and the like grows, educators are making use of the trend to help students learn.  Hundreds of apps are now targeted at those engaged in the pursuit of knowledge.  The following are among the best, according to eschoolnews writer Jenna Swang:

1.  Word Lens

For: Foreign Language Classes
What it Does:  Translates signs from one language to another using the camera app.
Cost: Free

2.   Molecules

For: Science Classes
What it Does: Allows users to manipulate molecules to view from different angles.
Cost: Free

3.  Blackboard Mobile Learn

For: Any classes for which the teacher already has an online blackboard
What it Does: Allows users access to the blackboard through their mobile device
Cost: Free

4.  Today in History

For: History Classes
What it Does: Lists important events in history as well as important people who were born or died on the day in question
Cost: Free

5.  Math Ref Free

For: Math Classes
What it Does: Provides over 600 formulas, equations, and graphs for reference
Cost: Free

The above tools are fun to use and can certainly help the motivated student to gain a better grasp of any subject.  Take advantage of the fact that your student is glued to his or her phone, and download the above apps.

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