Aggression in Children

A recent article from the website discusses a study pinpointing the precursors to aggressive behavior in children.  Surprisingly, low verbal and cognitive capabilities seem to be linked to more aggressive behaviors.  Researchers hypothesize that children who have less mastery over language cannot use words as effectively to express frustration, and so they hit instead.  Less mastery over the language also means that children cannot effectively understand adults who warn them of the consequences of aggressive behaviors. 

Perhaps not so surprisingly, children who behave aggresively have brains that are more emotionally reactive, as measured by studies conducted as the children watched emotionally charged cartoons. 

Because it seems that aggressive behaviors have at least two causes, researchers hypothesize that methods of treating aggression in children will vary depending upon their causes.  Read on for the full article. 

Aggression In Children Based On Varying Causes (via redOrbit)

Connie K. Ho for – Your Universe Online A study from Penn State recently revealed that children are aggressive for different reasons. The researchers found that some aggressive kindergarteners have low verbal abilities, while others can be aroused physiologically quickly. The findings…

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