A Recent NY Times Article Calls Into Question the Exorbitant Rates Tutors Charge – and the Inequity of Using Such Services


A  recent NY Times  article titled “Push for A’s at Private Schools is Keeping Costly Tutors Busy” criticizes the stealth use of high-paid private tutors in New York.

The article considers the use of tutors by students attending Riverdale Country School.  One parent shelled out over $30,000.00 this year in tutoring costs, which very nearly equalled her student’s $38,000.00 tuition bill.  Why do these well-off parents pay between $150 and $750 an hour for tutors?

In a sentence, competition is fierce.  These parents intend to give their students any advantage they can.

Reading this NY Times article reminds me of my own experience.

When I was in high school my boyfriend’s family had loads of money compared to my own, and as a result they were able to pay for him to take an SAT course.  His score improved by over 100 points.  I remember feeling a little bit envious about the opportunity he had to improve his score and become a more competitive candidate for his top schools.

After graduating from college and becoming a tutor myself through a local tutoring agency, I saw even more clearly that middle and low income families can’t afford the exorbitant prices charged by most tutoring companies. I also saw how positively private tutoring can impact a student’s self-esteem.  Not only do students learn academics, but they also develop priceless mentoring relationships with their tutors.

I’ve come to believe that every student should have access to tutoring.  Therefore our rates are as reasonable as any you’ll find.  If your finances still do not allow you to pursue tutoring for your student, please do not hesitate to call anyway.   We may be able to put you in touch with someone who can offer low or no cost tutoring.

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