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Parents Have Powerful Influence On Children’s Financial Behaviors

It is no secret that our parents’ habits influence our own approach to life.  A recent study examined college students’ financial habits, and found a strong correlation between parents who argue about finances and children with irresponsible spending behavior.  The study considered the numbers of credit cards students have, the balances of these credit cards, and the students’ attitudes toward paying minimum payments.  Each criteria measured was worse for those with parents who habitually argued about money.  Read on for the full story.

Parents Have Powerful Influence On Children’s Financial Behaviors (via redOrbit)

Parents need to be good role models to help their children make sensible financial decisions, according to Adam Hancock and his team, from East Carolina University in the US. Their work highlights that parents who argue about finances contribute to increasing credit card debt among their children during…

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Listen Up Professors – Twitter In The Classroom Could Help Make For Better Students

When Twitter made its debut, critics touted it as a narcissistic forum that would likely amount to nothing.  Much to these critics’ dismay, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites in existence, and researchers are now saying that Twitter in the classroom can even improve student performance.  Although they aren’t sure how this happens, researchers theorize that the 140 character limit on Tweets forces student to concisely express their ideas.  Twitter also gives students an avenue through which they can contact the authors of research they are studying.  Read on for the full study from Red Orbit. 

Listen Up Professors – Twitter In The Classroom Could Help Make For Better Students (via redOrbit)

Michael Harper for – Your Universe Online Many inventions, products and services are seen as frivolous, pointless or even worthless when in their infancy. Apple’s Macs were first seen as “toys,” not capable of performing any real work. Many assumed the Internet would never catch…

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New Playgrounds Inspire More Play and More Beneficial to Children

Interestingly, a new study shows that playgrounds incorporating more natural elements inspire children to play longer and to use their imaginations more.  The study compared organic play spaces with logs and flowers to traditional brightly colored metal playgrounds, and found that children play twice as long in the former.  Read on for the full story. 

Natural Playgrounds Inspire More Play And More Beneficial To Children (via redOrbit)

Children who play on playgrounds that incorporate natural elements like logs and flowers tend to be more active than those who play on traditional playgrounds with metal and brightly colored equipment, according to a recent UT study. They also appear to use their imagination more, according to the…

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Reading Ability Can Be Measured Through Brain Scans

An interesting new study out of Stanford shows that the reading ability of children can be predicted by brain scans of their white matter early in life.  Children with good reading comprehension skills show low levels of particular nerve bundles early in life, which then increase later.  Children with poor reading comprehension, on the other hand, show high levels of these nerve bundles early and decreasing levels as time goes on.  Researchers are confident that given this new tool to help predict a child’s future reading comprehension ability, we can interevene and correct the problem earlier.  Read on for the full story.

Reading Ability Can Be Measured Through Brain Scans (via redOrbit)

April Flowers for – Your Universe Online It is already known that if a 7-year-old is easily reading the “Harry Potter” books, he or she will be a strong reader later in life. It is also a given that if a 7-year-old is struggling with “The Cat in the Hat,” that child will mostly…

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New Federal Food Standards Leaving Kids Hungry and Frustrated

Because of the rising rates of childhood obesity, new federal regulations have drastically altered both the caloric and nutritional content of school lunches.  A maximum 850 calories limit per meal has been imposed, protein and carbohydrates have been cut to a maximum of 2 ounces per meal each, and fruit and vegetable availability has increased.  Additionally, refined carbohydrates have been replaced with whole grains. 

Students aren’t too happy with the new changes, however, and many complain that by early afternoon they are already hungry again.  Proponents of bigger lunches argue that for many students, especially those who participate in extracurricular activities, 850 calories is not enough to get them through the 12 hour stretch from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  They also argue that the calorie cuts will disproportionally affect those students from lower income families who rely on school lunches as a significant calorie source. 

Read on for the full article. 

New Federal Food Standards Are Leaving Kids Feeling Hungry And Frustrated (via redOrbit)

Lawrence LeBlond for – Your Universe Online New federal food regulations have gone into effect in schools across the country beginning this year. But many students have complained that they are still left with a feeling of hunger after lunch time. The issue has even triggered a YouTube…

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Aggression in Children

A recent article from the website discusses a study pinpointing the precursors to aggressive behavior in children.  Surprisingly, low verbal and cognitive capabilities seem to be linked to more aggressive behaviors.  Researchers hypothesize that children who have less mastery over language cannot use words as effectively to express frustration, and so they hit instead.  Less mastery over the language also means that children cannot effectively understand adults who warn them of the consequences of aggressive behaviors. 

Perhaps not so surprisingly, children who behave aggresively have brains that are more emotionally reactive, as measured by studies conducted as the children watched emotionally charged cartoons. 

Because it seems that aggressive behaviors have at least two causes, researchers hypothesize that methods of treating aggression in children will vary depending upon their causes.  Read on for the full article. 

Aggression In Children Based On Varying Causes (via redOrbit)

Connie K. Ho for – Your Universe Online A study from Penn State recently revealed that children are aggressive for different reasons. The researchers found that some aggressive kindergarteners have low verbal abilities, while others can be aroused physiologically quickly. The findings…

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