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Homework Compliance Help for Parents

Every parent and educator has dealt with the frustration of trying to get a student to do homework.   Worse than skipped homework is the tension that surrounds the issue.  As a tutor, I know that one of my first questions for a student is about the homework I assigned at the previous session – and I very much believe that if a student is to improve, he or she must put in that independent effort.

So as parents, how can we clear the air around the dreaded H- word and set boundaries and limits that make doing homework a normal part of a student’s daily routine?  Clinical psychologist Kenneth Goldberg has an opinion on the issue.  In fact he’s written an entire book on helping parents to get their students to do homework.   Here, in a nutshell, are his 10 rules for homework success:

Your first and most important step is to fully assume your role as head of your home.

Second, you need to establish time-based rules for your child’s homework time.

Third, control the environment.

Fourth, identify the exact times of day (try to keep it consistent) when homework will be done.

Fifth, alter your interactions with your child.

Sixth, emphasize the positives.

Seventh, model academic behavior

Eighth, be an observer, not an enforcer.

Ninth, consider the issue educational, not moral or behavioral.

Tenth, preserve your family.

For elaboration on these rules, and to read the full article, visit edutopias website here.


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