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Is Your Student Reading at the Appropriate Grade Level?

Reading comprehension is the basis for success in academic endeavors.  Good reading comprehension skills are not only necessary for classes like English and Literature, but also for classes we don’t normally associate with words – math and science, for example.  Students must be able to understand what they read in their textbooks in order to supplement their class-time with independent learning. 

As students progress, these skills become more and more vital.  In higher level classes students are expected to complete reading assignments for nearly every class, and in class learning becomes supplemental to independent learning.  This is especially true once your student begins college.   Most college courses will rely almost exclusively on your student’s time spent with his or her textbook to build a foundation of knowledge that class time will supplement. 

 Catching and correcting reading difficulties is therefore vital to your student’s academic success both in classes and on standardized exams like the FCAT and the SAT/ACT. 

 How to Tell?

How can you tell if your student is reading at the appropriate level?  Listen to his or her teachers.  If they give any indication that your student’s reading skills aren’t up to speed, it is time to act to correct the deficiency.  Pay close attention to his or her scores on standardized tests, especially the FCAT.  These tests will be good predictors of how your student will perform in the future.  If the scores aren’t where you’d like them to be, intervene sooner rather than later.  Such difficulties tend to accumulate as time passes. 

What to do?

The best thing you can do to improve your student’s reading comprehension is to find something he is interested in and enjoys reading about.  If he likes science, subscribe to a kids science magazine.  If she likes the Harry Potter movies, sneak the books into the house.  Model good reading behavior and often your students will imitate.  The best students I’ve worked with have been those who read for enjoyment. 

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