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Final Exams – Is Your Student Ready?

For many students whose grades are on the cusp, final exams can make a big difference.  Final exams are usually heavily weighted, and offer an opportunity for your student to showcase what he or she has learned all semester.

Additionally, final exams are a great opportunity for your student to evaluate himself.  Many subjects require a mastery of basic material in order for your student to move on confidently.  So instead of dreading finals, your student can view them as a really good chance to brush up on the skills he will need to do well in the upcoming semester. 

Make A Plan

I’m personally tutoring many students as they prepare for their finals in early to mid-December, including college students attending such schools as Lynn University and high school students attending Palm Beach Central, Wellington High school, American Heritage, John I Leonard, and others.  My years of tutoring experience have taught me that the students who will do best are those who approach finals with a plan of attack.

So my advice is to sit down with your student and brainstorm a study schedule with specific daily goals.  It shouldn’t be overwhelming – no three hour marathon study sessions – but manageable instead, something your student knows he can stick to.  As with anything in life, a plan makes studying for finals less daunting. 

Contact Wellington Tutoring

I’d be happy to help your student organize his schedule and prepare for finals, so if I can be of assistance, please contact Wellington Tutoring.  We look forward to meeting you.

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Holiday Break- The Perfect Opportunity for SAT Prep

The Busy Academic Year

The school year is well underway, and your student couldn’t be busier with all the demands of tough academics and extracurricular activities. All the hustle leaves little time to prepare for what may be the most important test of your student’s high school years – the SAT.

Holiday Breaks and the SAT

Because of the brief downtime they offer, Holiday and summer breaks are a great opportunity to focus on preparing for the SAT and ACT. If your student budgets just an hour a day during the break, he can learn the most important of the SAT/ACT techniques and can easily identify his strengths and weaknesses.

Our Recommendations

Start off by buying the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide, which is by far the best test prep resource on the market.  Inside are directions for taking a timed test.  Once your student takes and scores this test, she will know which subject areas are strengths and which she could use a little work in.

Next you can seek out a prep resource tailored to your student’s unique needs.  I like Acing the SAT Math I for math, and  Up Your Score for writing.  Have your student begin to work through the problems in one of these books.

Finally, seek the help of a qualified, experienced tutor.  A tutor will be able to help your student with the best resources and the best guidance as to how to tailor a study program to meet your student’s needs.


If Wellington Tutoring can be of service to you, don’t hesitate to Contact Us at any time.

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