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Choosing the BEST SAT Prep Resources for Your Student

What are the best resources to help your student prepare for a great score on the SAT? It depends on the student, but in my experience the following have resulted in great score increases:

1. The College Board’s Official Guide to the SAT.

Because it is made by the makers of the SAT, its practice tests are real tests and will give your student the best possible idea of exactly what the test will look like.

2. Acing the SAT Math I.

Although it is a relatively obscure book, I have yet to find a more thorough and well packaged book of SAT math prep practice problems.

3. Up Your Score.

Hilarious and full of innuendos that your student will appreciate, this book is sure to keep your student’s attention when others won’t. Anything that makes us laugh keeps us coming back, and that’s where the power of this book is. It has an excellent vocabulary and writing section.

4. Math 800.

For students scoring in the high 600’s and the 700’s on the Math section, this book provides questions more difficult than any your student will see on the SAT. Because most prep resources are designed for the average scorer, they are almost useless for someone who is exceptional as they don’t provide enough challenge. It’s like a skilled tennis player playing a beginner – it just isn’t helpful. I’ve seen above average scorers jump into the near perfect range after practicing with the problems in this book.

A simple Amazon search will bring up tens of books devoted to SAT prep, and trying to decide which ones to buy can be overwhelming. Take my advice and try out the above.

Don’t hesitate to call Wellington Tutoring today if you’d like to discuss SAT prep further, or to schedule an appointment to give your student the boost of confidence he needs on test day.

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Preparing for Nine Week Exams

The end of the first nine weeks is quickly approaching, and with it come your student’s nine week exams. How can you tell if your student is ready, and if not, what can you do to help him prepare?

Your student’s success on the exams can be easily predicted by looking at his grades on tests, quizzes and homework assignments throughout the nine week grading period. With few exceptions, your student will tend to perform as he has been up to this point.

What can you do to give your student the best possible chance of a great grade on nine weeks’ exams?

1. Make sure that he works and reworks the problems on any study guides given by his teachers.

Also, make sure that your student is checking his answers against a key that the teacher issued. It does no good to practice bad habits, but infinite good to practice and repeat good ones.

2. Have your student approach his teacher for help in formulating a study plan.

If your student is sincere, his teacher is his best possible resource for study tips on how to best focus his efforts.

3. Have your student create – and write down- a study plan that specifies times and goals.

The more specific the plan, the better. Numerous studies point to the efficacy of specific, manageable, tangible goals in achieving success.

4. If necessary, contact a tutor to clear up any problems your student can’t work through on his own.

A tutor is most effective when your student has already attempted the study guide, and has identified his own problem areas. That way the tutoring session can be maximized to focus on trouble spots rather than what your student already knows.

For a motivated student, there is hope for a good grade on upcoming nine week’s exams. Please feel free to contact me at Wellington Tutoring with any questions, or to schedule an appointment to help give your student that extra boost of confidence he needs for exam time.

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Hiring New Tutors

Are you a certified teacher looking for a little extra income?

Here at Wellington Tutoring, we are searching for well-qualified tutors to add to our staff.  Of particular interest are the following:

-Reading Comprehension Tutors of all Levels

-Higher level math tutors – Especially Calculus and Pre-Calculus

-Special Needs Tutors for Elementary School Students

-Elementary School Math Tutors

-Science Tutors  – Chemistry, Biology, etc.

-FCAT Tutors

If interested, please see the Contact Us Page and send your resume and the subjects you are qualified to teach.

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