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4 Tips To Help Your Student Make the Most of Tutoring

There is no doubt that finding a competent and knowledgeable tutor is the first and most important step in ensuring that your student has a positive, helpful tutoring session. 

However, in order for the benefits of a session to extend beyond the particular homework assignment that your student is working on, the student should do the following:

  1.  The student should have already attempted the homework- before the session.  This maximizes the session by allowing your student and the tutor to focus only on trouble-spots.  It also ensures that your student has specific questions.
  2. The student should be prepared to take notes during the session.  Actively participating by note taking gives your student a proven advantage over passive listeners.
  3. The student should ask for specific problems to work after being shown an example.  This helps your student test her retention and prove her competence to herself.  Self confidence is key to successful learning. 
  4. The student should ask the tutor for homework similar to the material covered during the session.   Reinforcing the techniques learned during tutoring is absolutely essential to the student’s retention. 

A tutor can be a remarkably useful resource for a dedicated student if the above suggestions are followed. 

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