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Use Your Holiday Break Wisely- Prepare for the SAT

This Holiday break offers an ideal opportunity to focus on preparing for the SAT.  

During the school year, schedules are tight – students are in school all day, play sports or go to club meetings after school and on the weekends, and spend evenings crouched over homework assignments.  

It’s the rare student who can find time to sleep amidst these demands, let alone prepare for the SAT.

This Holiday break, help your student make the best use of his or her time off by buying a couple SAT prep books and scheduling some study time.  We recommend The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide and Up Your Score, two resources that are guaranteed to help your student improve. 

Call Wellington Tutoring at 1-(561)-247-2810 to discuss our SAT Prep options, and how we can help your student get the score he or she wants in 2010!

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