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AP Scores are out!

Congratulations to all students who received a 3, 4 or 5 on their AP Exams!

As university admission becomes more competitive, enrolling your student in an AP class can help to set him or her apart from the crowd.  These classes are challenging and college preparatory.  Colleges take your student’s performance in AP classes seriously. 

AP exams can be a challenging, but  individual tutoring can make a big difference in your student’s score.  

Our tutors have successfully coached students to great scores.  Contact us to hear more about our AP prep options.

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School grades are out!

School grades are out! We’ve been poring through the list and it looks like our community’s schools stand among the best in the district. Congratulations to Binks Forest Elementary, Discovery Key Elementary, Elbridge Gale Elementary, Equestrian Trails Elementary, Loxahatchee Groves Elementary, New Horizons Elementary, Panther Run Elementary, Wellington Elementary, Crestwood Middle, Emerald Cove Middle, Osceola Creek Middle, Polo Park Middle, Wellington Landings Middle, Western Pines Middle, and Wellington High School for making “A” grades!

School grades don’t mean everything, but you should be proud of the students, teachers, support staff, and parents for working hard and getting results where it counts. Some of our other favorite schools maintained their “A” grades again; Suncoast, Park Vista, and Dryfoos School of the Arts.

Palm Beach Central, Royal Palm Beach High, and Seminole Ridge all dropped a letter, but that can happen as the state raises the bar from year to year to promote continuous improvement. It’s not easy for the kids.

If you’re concerned about improving standardized test performance, we can help. Also, some students share with us the concern that too much of the core curriculum is being placed on the back burner in order to make time for standardized test preparations. Unfortunately, this may be a fact of life. Let us provide supplemental tutoring support for your students to make sure they are competitive and prepared for university level work. Our tutors are certified and experienced. Don’t forget to ask about our programs for PSAT, SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement® tests. High scores on these tests can make a big difference on college applications. Start early! Enjoy the Independence Day Holidays!

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Florida Virtual School (FLVS) – When Online Classes Can Help Your Student Get Ahead

Students today are turning to online courses to supplement their school curriculum, boost their GPAs, and increase their competitiveness in college admissions.  Others find their needs are better met by taking online courses rather than attend public school. 

Whatever your student’s reasons for choosing online courses, we understand that working independently may prove challenging.  Tutoring can provide the extra help your student needs in his or her completion of Florida Virtual School courses. 

Our tutors are experienced in working with students taking classes through Florida Virtual School in a wide range of subjects.  We can provide hands-on activities and personal instruction to supplement the online content.  Contact us today!

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Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT, and FCAT)- The New Measures of Your Student’s Success

Standardized Testing is becoming an increasingly important part of your student’s academic record. 


FCAT  test results are a standard with which your student’s academic performance is compared with other student’s performance in Florida and across the nation.  FCAT testing begins in Grade 3 and continues through Grade 10.  FCAT specific tutoring is a great way to help your student realize his or her full potential when the school curriculum simply isn’t enough. 


The SAT and ACT are vitally important standardized measures of your student’s academic potential, as well as one of the key factors influencing your student’s admission into college.  Far from being a measure of a student’s innate intelligence, the SAT is actually a test of your student’s reasoning abilities and very specific subject matter.  Strategy coaching and review in one-on-one tutoring or small class workshops will help your student to learn the most effective approach to the SAT and ACT.  More and more students are preparing for the test, so maximize your student’s chances of a competitive score with quality tutoring. 

Our tutors are highly competent, trained SAT and ACT tutors who regularly score in the top 5% percentile of these tests.   

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To contact us, click here.

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Taking Advantage of the Summer to Prepare For the SAT

For most students a summer SAT prep program is the best option. 

School year academic and extracurricular demands, especially for students in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes, can make any extra work during the school year hard to handle.   Achieving the score your students wants on the SAT takes a significant amount of daily study, and the summer affords the perfect opportunity to do this. 

We recommend that your upcoming junior or senior register ASAP for the October SAT at  He or she should plan to take it more than once.  Enrolling your student in an intensive 2 week SAT course will provide the materials and skills needed to dramatically improve scores.  Continuing your student’s prep with once weekly one-on-one tutoring will allow him or her to get the specific help needed as he or she continues to practice independently. 

The fact is that the SAT is not a test of innate intelligence, but rather is a skill set that can be learned.  Taking the test cold can be compared to taking an algebra exam having never gone to algebra class. 

Increased competition for college admissions necessitates planning and preparation, so whether you choose Wellington Tutoring or another prep option, make sure to give your student the competitive advantage by making good use of the summer break!

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