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Why are we able to offer such great rates?

Most tutoring companies work out of an office and hire a workforce that includes not only tutors, but also directors, administrative staff, and janitorial staff. Because of the high overhead costs of maintaining office space and paying staff, larger companies are forced to charge significantly higher rates than is necessary when you contact a tutor directly.

Wellington Tutoring is a small, private tutoring company of qualified and certified individuals who have extensive experience working for large tutoring companies, private clients, and as professional teachers in the Palm Beach County School District.

Our experience in working with large companies has given us the exceptional training and experience you desire. By offering our services directly to you, we are also able to offer more affordable rates and customized attention to your student’s specific needs.

Call us today, or contact us by email, and see for yourself the difference that individual attention can make in your student’s academic success! 

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