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When school is not enough

It is no surprise that parents seek out tutoring help when things are going poorly for their student. In these scenarios at Wellington Tutoring we like to move struggling students through a simple three-phase tutoring experience.

  1. Catch Up
  2. Keep Up
  3. Move Up

Catch Up

Almost all students encounter periods of difficulty in their academic career. During those times we work with your student to catch up, building knowledge through engaging instruction and practice. Positive reinforcement is most crucial during this time since struggling or failing students often come to us when they are already mentally fatigued from the difficulties they are experiencing from falling behind on their academic studies. Our goal in stage one is to establish good learning habits, celebrate improvement, and begin to make the link between good learning habits and long term improvement.

Keep Up

As your student improves and progresses we enter the riskiest but potentially most rewarding stage for the learner. This second phase is often prone to backslides where the student’s initial success causes the student to ease up on their studies and tutoring. This leads to a return to the student’s previous state. That’s why we think stage two, keep up, is the most important to influence long term behavioral change and academic success. We help your student to continue their focus on the fundamentals so they ingrain the right study habits and internal rewards to help foster successful performance.

Move Up

Every student reaches many plateaus during their studies. Working through these plateaus is largely about the student coming to understand through experience and positive reinforcement that a focus on fundamentals and practice leads to eventual progress.

This positive reinforcement is a heavy focus of phase two but the biggest gains in performance come in stage three, move up. We help your student move up in performance by seizing on the positive new mental image we’ve helped to foster in stage one and two.  This new mental outlook of success is used to introduce and work through continually more advanced material. When a student does better than they ever thought they could, something magic happens.

– Kristen

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